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The Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana was form by Jessie M. Turner, to be a united voice of a race of people living in North Fontana who needs where thought to be insignificant. To the credit of the CCDNF such committee as Better Urban Renewal Now (BURN) was established to bring urban development to North Fontana, sidewalks, curb cuts, street lights, gutters and city bus stops. The Miss Black Awareness Pageant, the Black Awareness Parade Committee. Also under the CCDNF the summer enrichment free lunch program, after school homework help and activities program, culinary arts and restaurant management program, community Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner, as well as food, toy and clothes give-a-way.  In recent years as a result of health issues we are providing the community with an annual Health Fair and a Juneteenth educational program for the youth at the Jessie M. Turner Community Center.    All prospective members of CCDNF are required to complete this registration form. Indicate any changes; Membership runs from Jan 1st-Dec 31st.  

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                                                    NEW MEMBERSHIP_____   RENEWAL_____    Changes for directory?_____
TITLE  Mr           Mrs           Miss           Ms                      
NAME__________________________________________ADDRESS___________________________________________________________ZIP CODE___________
HOME TELEPHONE_____________________________ MOBILE PHONE ____________________________WORK PHONE_____________________________
PRIMARY EMAIL________________________________________________SECONDARY EMAIL___________________________________________________

                                                                                           *Star the e-mail and phone number you would like listed in the directory

Please Check ______  FULL  Full Membership $20. ______ STUDENT/RETIRED Full time students and Retired Members $10 
______Associate membership is open to all who share CCDNF objectives or wish to help advance them but cannot become full members  $20

                                                                              (restricted from voting, holding office or chairing committee)

OCCUPATION /JOB TITLE: _______________________________   Please indicate if you would be willing to serve on a committee:     Yes____  Not at this time____      Is there a specific committee you would like to serve on? _________________________  (Committees are listed )   Permission to use photographic images:  Photographs of CCDNF members may be used in various CCDNF communications incl. the newsletter and website. Group photographs taken at CCDNF events may be used without identifying individual members. For individual photographs, please indicate your permission for use:  _____ CCDNF has my permission to use and identify photographs of me.  _____ CCDNF does not have permission to use and identify photographs of me.  _____ CCDNF must contact me before using any identified photographs of me in CCDNF communications.    Because I am a Concerned Citizen, I agree that I am a key factor to the success of the commitment the CCDNF has to the community.  I pledge to be an active member and attend the monthly meeting on the third Monday of each month (unless it falls on a holiday at which time the meeting will be held the Monday before or after the holiday).

 Credit Card No.___________________________________CVS___________Billing Zip Code__________________

 Signature_____________________________________________________ Date: ______________________                
For PayPal payments                                                                            To pay by check/money order please pay in person at our regularly scheduled meeting make payable to Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana,  Fax to  909 440-5659 or scan and email your membership form to   Regardless of payment method used please make sure to send a copy of your membership form.

For more information call Ellen Turner, president at 909 333-9950

For PayPal payments:

We are always looking for new and exciting Ideas Let's connect.

909 333-9950

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